9 Tools to Create Social Media Video

By Sarah Malcolm
Not using any social media video in your commercial real estate market places you at a disadvantage.

Social Media Today estimates 80 percent of all consumer social network traffic will be video-based. People watch millions of social media videos every day. Social video is how smart content marketers drive traffic to their website, engage their audience, and build brand trust.

We know creating scripted social media videos aren’t easy. Lucky for us, the tech world has responded with tools to create and edit social media videos on desktop devices and through mobile apps. These applications range from beginner-friendly to expert level and from free to paid

#1. Wave.video

Create branded videos for any platform using over 30 layouts. Optimize the video for different channels, create stories,ads, and posts. It has free and paid plans.

#2. Wideo

An animated video creations tool, Wideo simplifies the graphic design process. Select from a template to start, then edit to your message and the animation. Wideo claims a video can be ready in as little as five minutes. It is a paid tool.

#3. Promo

Specifically for creating brand promotional videos, Promo has a library of 12.5 million video clips. The videos come packaged with music and text for easy creation and customization. It is a paid tool.

#4. Animoto

This cloud-based tool aims to create professional videos in a short period of time. Try the “marketing videos”category for business-themed templates or start from scratch. Add additional photos, videos, and sound, and edit away. This is a paid service with a free trial.

#5. Animaker

Another animated video creator, cloud-based Animaker has templates and graphics to get your started. It has a free and paid version.

#6. QuikStories

Initially designed by GoPro, this mobile app can output high-quality video captured on the phone or GoPro. Customize the templates to meet your needs.

#7. Lumen5

Built for desktop, Lumen5 turns long-form text like blogs into a video. Cut-and-paste content into the tool and let the platform’s artificial intelligence create slides with photos or videos.

#8. Shakr

Designed to be video creation platform for Facebook marketing, the tool helps create video from over 2,000 designs. It will help promote ads on Facebook or Instagram and track their progress. It is a paid tool.

#9. Magisto

Create and edit videos on Magisto, now part of the Vimeo brand. Its editing tool selects the best of your content and enhances it with the effects you choose. It is a paid tool with a free trial.  

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