The story so far

We love a good story and here is ours…

Bored with the lack of imagination and frustrated with missed opportunities is where our story begins. A booming CRETech scene, companies building game changing technology solutions for the real estate industry but somehow the adoption of these new technologies is unexplainably slow. Why?

Desperate to find the missing puzzle piece, we started to experiment with different sales marketing strategies. We ran with the ideas that were unconventional, the ones that scared us the most. We pushed the envelope, took a few risks and it paid off. The industry response was overwhelming and it proved that people were open to new technology, they just didn’t want to hear about it in the same boring way they were used to. The people wanted something new, something different.

With that realization, we felt a responsibility to lead the way. To share what we had learned and help bridge the gap between extraordinary technology providers and the real estate companies that needed their services. The ATYPICAL adventure begins.

Fig.04 Technology, marketing, real estate in – award winning strategy out

Why ‘atypical’?

adjective; not representative of a type, group, or class

Over the years we have developed a bit of a reputation as the team who is not afraid to push the creative boundaries and take a few risks. When choosing a name, we wanted something that reflected this because unconventional is who we are and challenging the status quo is what we do.

The company behind the name

Why we do what we do


We provide a blend of creative professionals with technology, marketing and real estate experience to design and execute your sales marketing strategy.


The real estate industry is notorious for its slow adoption of technology. We believe that through creative, engaging and innovate sales marketing, we can change that.


We are a full service sales marketing agency that works exclusively in the real estate tech space.

The duo to disrupt them all

When two leaders partner around an inspirational idea, transformation happens

Steve Wozniak never thought about selling his home-built computer. Along came Steve Jobs, who saw its potential, and boom! A partnership was born that would change every aspect of our lives.

We've partnered with CREtech, the leaders in real estate content and social media, to provide our customers with a targeted social media and sales marketing plan unlike any other.