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Growing up I wanted to be an actress or a psychologist. Then I realized I wasn’t the next Charlize, that the film industry wasn’t as glamorous as it seems, and that my inner empath wasn’t cut out for psychiatry. Still desperately wanting to pursue something creative that could marry my love for entertainment with my fascination for the human mind and the things that make us tick, I discovered (and fell in love with) the power of marketing and so began my career. Fast forward a few years and I met Mark, he pitched starting ATYPICAL (I thought he was nuts but hell, why not) and the rest is, well… here we are! I try keep the crazy contained and manage the wild ideas that our agency (and Mark) come up with and I love every minute of it. When I’m not in the office, you can probably find me soaking up the sun with a good book, eating something delicious, trying to run it off, or convincing my husband that bodyboarders are as cool as surfers.



Born in the UK but whisked away to Cape Town at the age of 2, I was the kid who practically inhaled comic books and video games, and doodled my way through childhood. By 12, a drum kit entered my life, and man, did I hit it off with music! School was a bit 'meh' for me, with my true skills shining through in beats and sketches rather than textbooks. Faced with the classic artist’s dilemma—starving musician or starving artist—I boldly declared, "Why not both?" At 15, I was already drumming in my first high school band and hustling as the local poster boy for gig art, literally. My knack for drawing nudged me towards a degree in Graphic Design. I scored my first gig at an ad agency, diving headfirst into the world of big brand hustle and sharpening my design teeth. Meanwhile, my passion for drumming didn't skip a beat. I toured the globe with my band, designing t-shirts and posters in the cramped quarters of a tour van. After 13 years juggling gigs as a designer and art director, I bagged several awards in the ad world and even a SAMA (that’s a South African Music Award). Now, with a touch more grey and a lot more wisdom, I’m the Head of Studio at ATYPICAL, steering the ship on all things design. And yes, still drumming up a storm wherever I go.

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I never really knew what I wanted to be growing up. I’m still not sure that ought to be a prerequisite for any kid. My journey has unfolded in surprising ways, but creativity and curiosity have been two driving forces behind almost every significant transition in my life.  I developed my thinking by attaining degrees in Cultural & Litetary Studies, Cinematography, and an M.A in Media Studies at the University of Cape Town. Living in Korea and Japan for 2 years after college broadened my horizons immeasurably, after which I spent several years in the world of magazine publishing, eventually becoming the editor of a series of titles from VICE to Mercedes-Benz. The quest to ‘Know Thy Self’ went on to include tours in global advertising agencies, boutique video production houses, tech start-ups, and listed corporations. On paper, it’s a dizzying ride, but from this current vantage point as Creative Director it all makes sense: amassing a broad base of knowledge in writing, art, media, film, business, technology, and culture to deeply understand the myriad of  nuances that alchemize as “a good idea”.  To calm the whirring brain and make time slow down, I turn to yoga, hiking, running, photography, painting, and The Legend of Zelda.



I was 13 years old when I first saw the power of advertising and marketing. It was in an English classroom and on the wall was a poster advertising the new Dr. Martens. The ad creative was just a pair of beautiful long legs cut off mid-thigh wearing the brand's boots. The tagline read; You’ll find heaven at the end of these legs. Being a 13-year-old boy I was immediately hooked, and thus began my fascination with great advertising. Now, after over 13 years in digital marketing, including roles as a Social Media Strategist and Head of Influencer Marketing at Ogilvy South Africa along with 12 global awards, I am constantly driven by the desire to understand the broader business landscape and implement effective strategies to achieve the results needed. Outside of building marketing plans, I can normally be found on a golf course or in the ocean.



I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in the 80s and had a pretty ‘normal’ upbringing with my two older siblings. After finishing school, I was encouraged to get into technology by my dad who owned his own software development company for many years. I worked as a software developer for a bit but slowly gravitated towards a role that allowed me to explore my creativity and be more people-facing. I found this in marketing. I moved to Cape Town in 2007 with my wife and had three kids (bgb). In 2018 I started ATYPICAL and finally scratched the entrepreneurial itch that was passed on to me from my father. When I am not ‘being a CEO’, I’m trying to be a good husband and dad. When I need to clear my head, I’m either taking photographs, walking in the forest, reading, or exploring some other hobby that has caught the attention of my ADHD brain. 






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