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  • Mark Kalkwarf

The Offices Are Closed But Work Isn't

The office may be shut down, but that doesn’t mean work is at a standstill. The CRE industry is thinking about how to service our current needs and what comes next. Now is your chance to use digital marketing to both sustain work and optimally position your brand when that happens. What can you do to appeal to the decision-makers in the CRE world?

#1 Address current needs

Efficiency and flexibility are two priorities for many people right now. We’ve got late-night talk show hosts broadcasting from their homes, people working strange hours to accommodate schedules, and streaming meetings through services like Zoom or Skype becoming the norm.

Share how your product accounts for the demands for flexible timing. Point out its ability to work anywhere, any time. Demonstrate how the features make work more efficient.

There’s also a lot of anxiety floating around. Misinformation permeates the news cycle and feeds. Make a commitment to be a voice of reason. Stick to the facts of our current lifestyle. Find ways to show caring and compassion. People will remember it.

#2 Solve problems

So many businesses are facing huge unknowns. Retailers are wondering how they’ll stay afloat when their shopping centers are shuttered thanks to the stay-at-home orders. Restaurants are hoping takeout orders can sustain them through this period. Meanwhile, grocers are trying to meet the high demands customers while balancing government guidelines. The list of challenges goes on.

How can your tech product help solve the current problems we’re facing? One angle is to consider is re purposing. People are really getting creative when rethinking how their businesses are helpful in today’s climate.

Just look at all the local distilleries now producing hand sanitizer or the clothing manufacturers now sewing face masks for the medical industry.

Is there something your particular business can do to be of service to the greater CRE industry?

#3 Think about life after corona

As mentioned earlier, the current shelter-in-place climate is going to come to an end. The roll out likely will come gradually. How can your tech product help a CRE business gain an advantage once restrictions start to ease?

Have some ATYPICAL messaging ready to go for when we’re over the hump of this crisis.

#4 Get your messaging in their hands

Now is the time to use every tool at your disposal. Join marketing calls. Comment inside industry groups. Be on LinkedIn, Twitter, email, cold emailing, holding webinars, run digital events, and whatever else you can possibly think of.

The CRE people are out there, and they’re more digital than ever. Be everywhere so they’re constantly seeing and engaging your brand.

Lock down your lead generation strategy so when business is back to usual you have more contacts to work in your pipeline.

Keeping at work

The decision-makers have companies to run, even if they're strategizing from the kitchen table while reminding the kids to finish their math work. What our current climate means is the decision-makers are spending more time in the digital world. Now isn’t the time to shutter your work, but lean into your messaging for the benefit of your clients and your brand.


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