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  • Skye Revell

Double Down on Your Digital Marketing

As our economy progresses through the phased recovery approach, your digital marketing will be more important for communicating to your audience. Every state is enacting different guidelines and dates for reopening businesses. Even with these plans, some people disagree with their state’s plan and will continue following the strictest protection measures. A resurgence in cases could see the state of affairs change on a dime.

Digital marketing is key to juggling the fast and furious changes. Here’s how to do it:

#1 Be nimble

There’s never been a one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing and there definitely isn’t now. What you need to be able to do is be creative and be flexible. Watch your marketing performance. It’s okay to run a few experiments, but make them short-lived and track their success. If the results show promise, great! Do more. If not, abandon it and move forward. Keep trying. ATYPICAL is always fine-tuning our marketing messaging

#2 Communicate frequently across channels

Leverage every marketing platform you own and keep the information up to date. You’ll need to be sharing regularly:

  • Your days and hours of service. Any changes and when these will happen.

  • How you will operate. Are there restrictions, like pick-up only, masks required, only a certain number of customers allowed, etc.?

  • What are you doing to assist others? Keep building community goodwill.

#3 Measure like crazy

As already mentioned, you’ve got to know how your marketing is doing. What works well one week might flat line the next. Staying on top of data in real-time is crucial for making decisions about messaging and allocating budget. It’s fine to keep running automated messaging, but maybe you need to tweak the programmed messages for the current environment.

#4 Nurture loyal customers

Get more social with your existing client base. These are the people that will float you through the recession. Use social listening tools to tune into the conversations. Leave authentic feedback. Start more conversations. Run polls, surveys, and ask for connections. Create personalized and targeted messages to your existing customers.

This is the beauty of the digital marketing age: we can adapt so quickly. So let’s do it. Use the marketing tools we have to keep your messaging moving forward.


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