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  • James Maile

How ChatGPT Has Changed Commercial Real Estate Marketing Forever

ChatGPT is the new AI on the block, and it is taking the world by storm. Discover how you can use this tool to revolutionize your approach to commercial real estate marketing, increase lead generation, content creation, outreach efficiency, and much more.

By James Maile || 7 March, 2023

4 hacks for real estate marketing

A lot of our history has been defined by several moments of technological innovation that have changed the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us.

We are watching one of these moments happen right now.

Artificial intelligence has exited the world of science fiction and is now a reality.

It is too early to tell if this is the beginning of something good or our downfall but at least the T-800 hasn’t been sent from the future just yet.

the terminator

What we know is that AI is here to stay and although it’s in its infancy, we are already seeing its impact, especially in the marketing world.

The newest AI tool that has been dominating the culture for the past few months is ChatGPT, a language model developed by OpenAI.

ChatGPT is trained to create human-like text responses to your prompts. Think of it like Siri or Alexa but on steroids.

You can ask it questions on almost any topic, summarize and write content, rewrite text to fit your tone, create video scripts to fit a specific video length, and even write or fix code.

But how can this help you with your commercial real estate marketing?

Well, our international Stratman of mystery Dylan, and his jet-setting side-kick Josh extensively covered this topic in a recent CREview episode.

This is how they say you can use ChatGPT in commercial real estate...

ChatGPT’s Commercial Real Estate Marketing Hacks

#1. Drafting Emails to Prospects

We all know writing cold emails for mass prospecting is as exciting as watching paint dry and takes just about as long.

And to make the most out of it you have to add a personal touch, there isn’t enough daylight to burn.

This is where ChatGPT can save you from a splitting headache and draft your emails faster than double-struck lightning.

We tested its capabilities by simply asking it to:

“Write an email to existing and potential clients to let them know that I can assist them as a commercial real estate broker for 2023 deals.”

This is what we got:

As you can see, it creates a well-written, semi-personal email draft for you, where all you have to do is add details like your prospect’s name and credentials.

Then you can just copy the text into your email, maybe add a few changes and send it off.

However, while ChatGPT gives you some decent information, it’s always our recommendation to proofread what it spits out. The text is prone to some errors and inconsistencies, which you’ll have to fix yourself.

And even if it includes all of the right information, the text is often very generic and impersonal.

So, although it will save you a lot of time, it is not at the point just yet where it is completely replacing the human element.

#2. Writing Blogs

As we have mentioned in the past, SEO is one of the most important marketing activities you can do but just like mass cold emailing, it takes forever and a day to get right.

Writing blogs is incredibly time-consuming, especially if the creative juices aren’t flowing and you’re struggling to put pen to paper.

i got nothing gif

ChatGPT’s text generation comes in handy when you’re in a pinch and need some inspiration.

We asked ChatGPT to:

“Write a short blog in a professional tone about leasing office space from the point of view of a commercial real estate broker.”

Its response:

The results are impressive, giving valuable information to your readers.

If you don’t like the tone or you might want a few jokes thrown in, just ask ChatGPT to rewrite the content to fit your needs.

But there’s a catch...

Google doesn’t like AI-generated content and has strict rules against using bot-generated text which you could be penalized for.

This essentially means that if you just copy and paste your ChatGPT-generated blog, you won’t rank any higher on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google has Gordan Ramsay spider bots that crawl your content and can determine if you have used AI to create your content so don’t even think of using that CTR-V.

Not to worry, not all hope is lost.

Simply paste your AI-generated blog into a rewriting tool like WordTune or Quillbot and it will mask almost all traces of the AI scent the blog previously had.

Then publish it on your website.

For more SEO tips, check out our blog or CREview episode, they’ll tell you everything you need to know.

#3. Generate Content Topics

If you’re creating your content without the help of an agency to do keyword research for you, finding the right topics to talk about in your blogs and social media is very challenging.

You know you need to write blogs and create TikTok’s, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts but how do you produce these ideas?

All you have to do is ask ChatGPT.

It did just that, and got some great results:

Of course, the question we asked was very general, but you can get as specific as you like.

It all depends on how you word your questions and prompts, which is the most challenging part of using ChatGPT.

Often when you type in a question or prompt, you will be met with an “Error Occurred” message.

This happens when ChatGPT can’t recognize your prompt or isn’t trained to respond to it.

But don’t be discouraged, just reword your prompt until you get the desired results.

You may notice that the generated topics are all set for 2021. That’s because ChatGPT is currently only trained on information up until 2021 so you can’t ask about any recent events.

As the tool is updated it will be able to create responses for more recent data.

#4. Writing Property Descriptions

Okay so this doesn’t take as long as writing cold emails and blogs, but any time saved is time gained...

ChatGPT is great for property descriptions for your listings. Just enter the details of the location, the square footage, and any relevant amenities.

This is what you can expect:

In our opinion, the descriptions they generate are very cliché, with nothing that makes them stand out.

So, if you want to be different and not look just like everyone else, make a few changes.

However, if you have a whole city of listings to add to your website, this is for you. It all depends on how much time you are willing to spare.

If the descriptions are going on your website, you may need to use a rewriting tool as you need with the AI-generated blogs. Just to avoid Google downranking your website.

Another thing to consider with the descriptions is how much information you need to give ChatGPT.

The more you give it, the better result you will get.

We gave it the bare minimum so it is expected that it would give a bland response.

When you do your descriptions, use adjectives and expressive language and ask it to be written in a specific tone.

We asked ChatGPT to rewrite the same listing but in a pirate accent, and it delivered it perfectly:

Obviously don’t do your descriptions in a pirate accent... but you get the point. Add your own spin to it.

Final Thoughts from The Stratman and The Penman


Dylan compares the release of ChatGPT to the release of Apple’s first iPhone. “At the time it was insane but when compared to today’s technology, it’s embarrassing that we all thought it was that cool. It’s all about perspective.”

ChatGPT is the first iPhone of AI. Its capabilities are groundbreaking, but its true potential is unknown.

Strap yourselves in because it’s going to be a rollercoaster. The biggest thing is not to resist, it’s a force that you cannot fight and if you resist, you’re going to lose.

AI is here to stay and those who don’t adopt it will be left in the dust.

It will affect some industries more than others and slow adopters of technology, like commercial real estate, may be less affected for now.

But now is the time to get ready for it.

By opening yourself up to it now, you set yourself up to get ahead of your competitors so that when the AI revolution comes, you’ll be on the right end of it.

Just by reading this blog or watching our CREview episode, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of getting ahead of the competition because we’re pretty sure that most people in commercial real estate don’t even know about it, so they’re definitely not thinking about it.

Josh recommends that the best thing you can do for now is to learn and know as much as you can about it and make it work for you, your brokerage, or any other commercial real estate sector you’re in.

History has shown that those who fail to adopt modern technology end up being made redundant. Technology waits for no man.

Gary Vee explains it best:

When there is a disruption in any industry, jobs will be lost but it’s usually those who don’t adapt to the change.

So embrace the change, be daring, and be different.

And as always...



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