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  • Walter Fitzgerald

ATYPICAL Adds Peppers to the Pot

Dylan Culhane Joins as New Creative Director to Spice Up Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Well, folks, it's been a good while since your favorite social media manager Walter was given a writing assignment at ATYPICAL, and let me tell you, things have been getting interesting over here.

Now, I may be an old dog trying to learn new tricks, but let me break down this new Directive Creator that ATYPICAL has brought in.

As you may know ATYPICAL has been bringing in these international accolades this past year, having won the Campaign Effectiveness Award at the Global Agency Awards and the Best New Business Campaign at the US Agency Awards. Now to keep the momentum, ATYPICAL has lassoed themselves a fella named Dylan Culhane as Directive Creat... oh it’s Creative Director... (Thanks Josh).

Now, let me tell you, ATYPICAL’s got this reputation for busting molds and dishing out results that make your eyes pop out. And they’ve gone and found a real gem in Culhane. This fella’s got some magical touch for blending art and strategy which fits perfectly with ATYPICAL’s mission of giving the old marketing rulebook a solid kick.

I’ve seen my share of successes, but Culhane’s got a track record that reads like a blockbuster movie. He’s been the head content honcho at GoDaddy Studio, which I believe is an app of some sort. Plus, he was responsible for heading up the Jameson Indie Channel at VMLY&R, some global marketing juggernaut. And just to sprinkle some extra magic on top, he’s even played the role of editor at titles including one small seed, VISI, VICE, and Mercedes-Benz magazine down South in Africa.

Mark Kalkwarf, the big kahuna over at ATYPICAL, put it plain and simple: they’re looking to flip the script on how they peddle commercial real estate. Culhane hopping on board is like a declaration – they’re stirring the pot and whipping up some marketing concoctions that’ll leave people asking for seconds.

I had a chinwag with Culhane, and believe you me he’s as thrilled as a kid in a candy store about this new gig. He said (and I quote): “We’re going to shake things up and serve inspired and inspiring marketing solutions that’ll make our clients the talk of the town.” That’s some kind of promise right there, folks.

Now I’ve been around the block a few times, and this whole Creative Director business is like trying to learn a new dance. Back in my day, it was simpler – none of this “TikTok” nonsense or Gen Z lingo. But I ain’t one to shy away from learning, so I’ve been taking notes from the young guns because whatever they’re doing, it’s working.

So, there you have it – ATYPICAL's in for a whirlwind, and I'm here, trying to keep up with the times. But one thing's for sure, change is afoot, and it's got me feeling like a lost traveler in a foreign land. And just to make Chris from SEO happy, let me drop some related keywords here to “optimize discoverability” as I believe he called it: Digital marketing, CRE marketing specialists, SEM, paid media professionals.

Don't take my word for it, put Dylan to the test:



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