Poonam Mathis

"The Startup Life Expert"

CEO at Raise

CREtech landscape, the sharing economy's impact on CRE, Women in CRE/CREtech, How Motherhood Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur



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New York, NY

Poonam is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for innovating around the built world. Currently CEO of Raise, she previously founded StealthForce, (the gig economy of commercial real estate), which was successfully exited in early 2019. Prior to StealthForce, she spent over a decade in CRE across private equity, asset management and development. She was Deputy to the Head of Global Real Estate Asset Management at Partners Group AG ($40 bn AUM), and earlier employee 13 at The Gerson Lehrman Group, the world's first institutional expert network.  Poonam earned her BA at Harvard and MBA at Wharton. Twice named a top female CEO in CREtech, she has been featured in The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Harvard Business Review, NBC News, and more. She is a mother, a recovering investment executive, and an advisor to startups. She taught real estate development to NFL players, started an aviation club for MBA students, and delivered the Wharton MBA commencement speech entitled "What Have We Learned." An author with a philosophical sensibility and a practical bent, her four books (both traditional fiction and entrepreneurship titles) have been published in five languages and printed worldwide. Poonam is a multifaceted and experienced public speaker (ULI, ICSC, CRETech, etc.) who can tailor her message, making it resonant, personal, and actionable for almost any audience.

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