Anne Marie Stephen

"The Retail Innovation Expert"

CEO & Founder of Kwolia

Innovation, customer experience, retail trends.



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New York, NY

Anne Marie Stephen is a high-impact technology strategist with an expertise in transformation. She is founder of Kwolia, an Innovation Advisory and Retail Innovation Lounge. As a recognized thought leader, Anne Marie is a sought after keynote speaker and moderator at numerous events including (Select): SXSW, Cinemacon, CES, Shoptalk, NRF Big Show,, Columbia Business School - Retail Radicals, UF Warrington School of Business - Retail Smarter. She also is a frequent contributor to industry publications.

Anne-Marie is incredibly well versed in all that us retail, now and into the future. She’s a superb speaker on the topic. If she is on the agenda you should definitely get in the audience and listen - I guarantee you will learn, be amazed and be inspired! - Editor-in-Chief, Daily DooH, Digital Signage Week NYC
Anne Marie is an inspiring speaker that really knows how to connect innovations around the world to stories that will inspire and challenge the way we see retail is going. With a deep knowledge of how people, process and technology needs to align around the customer, Anne Marie is delivering hands-on tips and inspiration in an interesting and entertaining way. - Sitecore
Anne Marie was fast-paced and engaging (key for opening presentations), and delivered great information at a tempo that reflected the dynamic, rapid-change environment of retail. She is an accomplished speaker, and blends concepts, content and images (still and moving) in a way that captivated the audience and captured the essence of the themes we wanted to explore at our conference. Her hour-long presentation flew by, culminating in some scenes of the future that simply blew people away. “Wow!” was the most common reaction! I highly recommend her as a speaker, and also as “someone you should be talking to” if your interests are related to changing consumer behaviors, marketplace change, the impact of technology, the retail scene, or related areas. You will not be disappointed. - Executive Director, Warrington College of Business Administration, David F. Miller Center for Retailing Education & Research
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