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In a high-stakes industry like Commercial Real Estate, it only takes a tiny advantage to swing the deal in your favor. Like the momentary glimpse of a Rolex beneath your shirt sleeve, projecting success. Or a technological game-changer that puts more power in your hands… 

Entries will only be accepted for 48 hours during ICSC Las Vegas (19-21 May), so sign up for a chance to roll the dice*. You’ll be first in line to find out when the competition window opens, and receive updates about Buildout’s game-changing reveal at ICSC.

*Filling in this form does not constitute an official entry for the Rolex watch. By doing so you will be notified when the competition formally commences, and invited to enter. View the full terms and conditions here.


Visit us at ICSC Las Vegas (19-21 May) for the competition draw, and be among the first to experience a new era in CRE technology

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