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Sarah Malcolm
Here’s a juicy number: companies earn a 3,800 percent return on their investment for email marketing. So email has clear value, but there’s a hitch: running a strong email strategy requires thoughtful implementation.

Here’s a juicy number: companies earn a 3,800 percent return on their investment for email marketing. So email has clear value, but there’s a hitch: running a strong email strategy requires thoughtful implementation. It’s time-consuming to maintain the email list, create content, and optimize the campaigns. But it doesn’t have to drain precious marketing time. Email marketing automation simplifies a lot of the work behind making campaigns. 

What surprised me is an Email Marketing 2018 Benchmarks Report found only 2% of emails sent by B2B organizations and 3% for B2C organizations are automated. This is shocking,given all the ways digital marketers use automation already. Why is email automation adoption so low and how can we create a better strategy using automation?

#1- Have a system in place to support email automation

Digital marketers now have more connected data than ever before, but without the right supporting technology and systems in place, that data is useless. To increase email automation, CMI says marketers need systems for:

Automation needs the information held inside these softwares to create personalized messages and logical sequences. These programs must integrate with the email automation system to work their best.

#2- Time-based vs behavior-based triggers

The second supporting character in better email automation is understanding what can trigger an automated email and which one to use. The honest answer: use a mix oftime-based and behavior-based triggers. Time-based would be birthdays,anniversaries, etc. Behavior is they clicked a certain link, so the systems ends more content like it.  Or, when a prospect first signs up for service, they receive a welcome email.

Behavior-based triggers will be the more powerful automated emails because they are more relevant to that user. Higher relevance equals have higher open rates. Example:a prospect is searching for office space properties in Boston. The behavior-based email triggers to send a “related properties” email with four more office space properties in the area.

#3- Welcome emails

One source says around 80% of brands send a welcome email. This is likely to be one of the highest open rates of any email in an automated campaign—so how can we do it better?

Do more than acknowledge the subscription. Think about how the welcome email can drive sales or initiate more contact. So if your welcome email is, “Thanks for downloading our e-book on Augmented Reality Use Case in CRE,” add a call to action like,“sign up for our upcoming webinar on ‘Getting Started with AR in CRE’” or,“Would you be interested in chatting about our VR/AR services?”

#4- Email on boarding

When an individual or business starts a new product, there’s a learning curve. One way companies have offered troubleshooting information is through emails. This on boarding has been done as a mass-dump, a series of links to appropriate pages on websites or videos, and an email series.

Lean towards creating an on boarding series. In an article from CMI, someone ran a test comparing a six-email on boarding series versus a single email. They found the series’ extended messaging helped build along-term relationship with the subscribers, driving better business results. 

The best part? Once you build the onboarding series, just automate it!

#5- Better personalization

It’s the little things that matter. Even if you are creating a pre-programmed behavior-triggered campaign, today’s platforms leave lots of room for personalizing. At the very least, emails should have the client’s name. 

How much personalization you can offer comes back to have the right software support. A strong CRM will have data about that individual’s interests. So if they’re a broker interested in how the back office software will support a growing team,the email sends content specific about using the product for real estate teams. 

Other automation platforms will track what a person clicks on in an email. The software will send the second email with content related to what they opened from the first email. How incredible is that personalization—delivering content they are clearly interested in?

Starting with email automation

The skinny is this:we know email marketing works. At ATYPICAL, we know the industry can do it better. Automation is one innovative tool that helps deliver the right message at the right time. Why not give it a shot?

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