ATYPICAL and Sea Monster Team Up to Bring Augmented Reality & 2D Animation to The Real Estate Industry

Union will combine animation, gaming and immersive technologies with targeted marketing campaigns for the real estate industry.

Union will combine animation, gaming and immersive technologies with targeted marketing campaigns for the real estate industry.

NEW YORK, July 25, 2019 – ATYPICAL, a leader in digital real estate marketing services has announced that they have partnered with animation and gaming specialists and developers, Sea Monster.  The union will combine ATYPICAL’s understanding and experience in the real estate industry with Sea Monster’s specialized skills in animation, gaming and immersive technologies, to create campaigns and assets that tell your brand’s story in a unique and powerful way.

The relationship between ATYPICAL and Sea Monster first began in March 2017 when the companies worked together on the Rob Sparke real estate automation campaign by Open Box As the face of this lucrative campaign, Rob Sparke’s popularity grew rapidly, establishing him as a reputable icon and pioneer in Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) technology.

Following the success of this campaign, ATYPICAL and Sea Monster saw a huge need to continue working together, taking animation, gaming and immersive technologies to the real estate industry through targeted marketing campaigns.

“We love working with creative, talented and innovative people and the Sea Monster team tick all those boxes,” stated Mark Kalkwarf, Co President at ATYPICAL. “The partnership allows us to really push the envelope with the marketing campaigns we develop for our clients. By combining our experience and skills, we are literally able to bring our projects to life. We are extremely excited about exploring new and exciting ways to help our clients achieve their marketing and business objectives,” Mark concluded.
“At Sea Monster we love to provide total business solutions to our clients, and the partnership with ATYPICAL allows us to do just that,” stated Glenn Gillis, CEO at Sea Monster.  “ATYPICAL’s creative, practical and innovative marketing services, with our animation, gaming and immersive technology skills allow us to deliver world-class solutions, that are cost effective and really drive business goals.  ATYPICAL is  focused on the needs of the property industry and this intimate knowledge gives us unique insights into how we can leverage our skills and experience for their clients. We look forward to sharing the journey with them,” Glenn concluded.

See the Sea Monster in Action here!


ATYPICAL (different from all others of the same type) is a full service sales marketing agency working exclusively in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) space. We combine our technology background, marketing know-how and real estate experience to boost adoption in the real estate industry. We provide consulting on marketing strategy, dedicated teams to help execute the strategy and targeted marketing campaigns.

ATYPICAL is owned and operated by The News Funnel. The company's portfolio also includes: The News Funnel, the leading news aggregator in the commercial real estate industry serving over 160,000 professionals, and CREtech, the largest data and events company in the world focused on the emerging commercial real estate tech sector.

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About Sea Monster

Sea Monster is based in Cape Town, South Africa. With considerable international experience and a proven ability to deliver, Sea Monster’s focus and passion is marketing and educational content for children and corporate audiences. It offers full, cross platform game development services, as well as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions. Sea Monster’s talent in 2D animation lies at the heart of the business, and the company specializes in longer duration, highly creative animated content for web and mobile. Sea Monster understands the power of games to increase engagement, improving learning retention and drive business impact.

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