3 Tips for Building Your Brand on LinkedIn

By Amanda Bowen
Whether you’re a commercial real estate agent or a CRE service provider, don't neglect the importance of LinkedIn in your social marketing efforts.

Did you know that LinkedIn is responsible for over half of all social traffic to business-to-business websites and blogs? Whether you’re a commercial real estate agent or a CRE service provider, don't neglect the importance of LinkedIn in your social marketing efforts. Real estate and LinkedIn are ideal partners. With the right strategy, you can use its algorithm in your favor to attract the right audience.

#1. Optimize Profiles

Like any social media platform, the starting point for building your brand is in the profile. You want to completely fill out any fields available to you so that people can discover you.

For individuals building personal brands on LinkedIn, a complete profile with a professional profile photo helps people discover you. The testimonials and skill endorsements contribute to your brand awareness and reputation. Skip the official title in the header line. Instead, describe your expertise and your role.

For businesses, recommendations on the LinkedIn page have the same brand boosting power as for individuals. Since LinkedIn pays to a highly educated audience, this is a good place to use industry-specific words that may not necessarily show up in a Google search.Remember to spend some time on your products and services pages and consider adding a short video about your brand. Show you are active on the network by keeping the page updated. Small updates to any numbers describing your company keep your story accurate and build trust in your brand.

#2. Publish Content

Part of branding is showcasing your industry expertise.  LinkedIn is an excellent publishing platform. Your content will reach people already interested in your services.

Plan to publish original content on a regular basis to get the most from LinkedIn. Tailor the message for this educated audience. Consider writing some long-form articles (1500+ words) that your targeted audience would definitely find beneficial. Consistent publication will help your profile views..

#3. Network, network, network

Leverage the professional platform for some online networking gains. Use LinkedIn to find people with similar interests that you might already know. Find people or ask for introductions from your current network. Individuals, check out these LinkedIn real estate groups. Share content with the group and answer questions that highlight your knowledge.

Business benefit from an increased network,too. While you can’t require employees do anything on social media, you can ask them to identify themselves as employees. Having them identify and link with your page might attract more people to visit your page. As far as groups, if one doesn’t exist in your niche, think about starting one. Be at the forefront of industry discussions and get the pulse on trends before they hit the headlines.

Using LinkedIn with a real estate brand

Like any social platform, if you don't use it,you won't see the benefits. You have to be using LinkedIn in order to increase your profile views, endorsements, and recommendations. Make a plan to check in with the platform on a regular basis to become an active member of the network.

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